Ales Vodisek reunites with his wife Jorryme Lorono months after their ‘bestfriend’ issue

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement after the influencer couple Ales Vodisek and Jorryme Lorono finally met personally again months after their issue that became one of the top discussions on social media last year.

It can be recalled that Ales and Jorryme went viral on social media after the latter expressed her jealousy over the best friend of the Slovenian national and even posted some photo taken during their wedding to prove her accusations.

Some netizens noticed Ales was sweeter to his best friend than to his wife in some wedding photos.

Ales then released a statement, saying that Jorryme needed professional help and was required to take medication because he believed that she was already not in the right state of mind.

The Slovenian national then decided to leave the Philippines and announced that he planned to cancel his marriage with Jorryme.

However, several weeks later, Ales announced that he planned to reconcile with Jorryme, which became successful.

On February 28, the two finally met again after being away from each other for several months.

Some fans of the two also went to Mactan-Cebu International Airport to personally witness the reunion between their idols.

Ales and Jorryme announced that they would have a vacation in Bohol.

Even Jorryme joked that they needed a good bed after months of not seeing each other.



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Netizens were happy that Ales and Jorryme decided to build their relationship again instead of insisting to end it.

They’re now excited if the two were already planning to build a family.

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