Sen. Robin Padilla fumes over Director Mark Meily: “Hindi ko gustong pumapalakpak ka, e. This is my hearing!”

Senator Robin Padilla lectured Directors Guild of the Philippines, Inc. (DGPI) President Mark Meily for being allegedly disrespectful during the hearing on Committee on Public Information and Mass Media Thursday, February 23.

In the said hearing, Padilla discussed the petition to ban Gerald Butler’s movie ‘Plane’ because of its bad portrayal of Jolo, Sulu, and Muslims.

Padilla started to fume after he noticed Meily clapping several times during the hearing.

According to him, the issue was not funny because Muslim people were affected by the movie Plane and it may also discourage tourists the visit the country, especially Sulu.

It can be recalled that Meily opposed the decision to ban ‘Plane’ because the movie was only fictional.

However, Padilla said that the names mentioned in the movie including Jolo were not fiction.

“Maaaring sa inyo, nakakapalakpak. Pero kaming mga Muslim, hindi kami magpapalakpak. Fiction sa inyo yan, pero tumatama sa amin yun. Jolo is not fiction. Philippines is not fiction. Lugar namin yun. Maaaring sa inyo, okay. Pero sa amin, mananatili ang posisyon namin, nasaktan kami rito.” Padilla said.

“The Muslims will never accept that this movie is fiction. Maybe for you, but for us, no. Because, terrorism is never a part of our religion.” he added.

Meily attempted to correct their stance, but Padilla didn’t let him speak.

“Pumapalakpak ka, bawal dito. Kanina pa ako kumakalma sa inyo. Hindi ko gustong pumapalakpak ka, e. This is my hearing!” the actor-turned senator stated.

The director then apologized for his actions during the hearing.

“Ang sinasabi ko dito, Direk, huwag tayong masyadong ano, kasi nasasaktan na kami, e. Mga Muslim, pagdating sa amin, okay sa inyong lahat, e.” Padilla said.

After the hearing, Padilla apologized to Maeily for their heated exchange.

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