Kakampink lawyer Jesus Falcis gives 1/5 star to ‘Ako Si Ninoy’: “Sayang pera. Mahal ang ticket.”

It seems that even opposition supporters were not impressed by the newest movie of Atty. Vince Tañada titled ‘Ako Si Ninoy’.

In a lengthy review, Kakampink lawyer Jesus Falcis gave 1 out of 5 stars to the said movie about the life of late Sen. Ninoy Aquino Jr.

Falcis urged his followers not to waste their money to watch ‘Ako Si Ninoy’, saying that some of the scenes of the said movie were cringeworthy and illogical.

“It doesn’t have a message. Ninoy Aquino is a hero, yes. But the movie keeps telling that. It doesn’t show it. We already know Ninoy is a hero. But why? I thought it was basic to know that when persuading people, show; don’t tell.” Falcis said.

He also mentioned a scene where Juan Karlos Labajo who was portraying Aquino in the said movie sang his one and only popular song ‘Buwan’.

“The second scene was so bad and cringe. JK Labajos sang to a light bulb!!! TO A LIGHT BULB. Para mapilit yung “sa ilalim ng puting ilaw, sa dilaw na buwan.” the lawyer stated.

Falcis questioned the decision of Tañada to put Ferdinand Marcos Sr. the nemesis of Aquino in the said movie.

“What the film doesn’t understand is that in history, you won’t have a Ninoy Aquino without a Ferdinand Marcos. They are like Batman and Joker. A hero needs a foil. A hero is made, not born. But the movie just wants to keep telling (so boringly and repetitively) that Ninoy is a hero and that he is destined to be a hero.” Falcis said.

As of writing Tañada has yet to give a comment to the said review of Falcis.

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