AJ Raval denies that she’s a homewrecker: “Hanapin kung sino ba talaga nanira!”

Vivamax princess AJ Raval has had enough of the netizens who were accusing her of being the reason why her boyfriend Aljur Abrenica and actress Kylie Padilla separated.

It can be recalled that on February 14, AJ and Aljur finally admitted their relationship, confirming the rumors that they’re already dating in 2021 just months after the actor announced his separation from Kylie.

On her social media page, AJ answered one of her critics who called her ‘kabit’ and ‘mang-aagaw’ for being in a relationship with Aljur.

The actress denied that she was the reason why the said celebrity couple decided to end their relationship.

“Madam, FYI walang inagaw, at along wala kaming nilokong tao alam yan ni Kylie, kung sira man family nila, one thing is for sure HINDI AKO ANG NANIRA NG FAMILY NILA.

“Bakit hindi nyo na lang I research or hanapin kung sino ba talaga nanira? Bakit ako ang sumasalo ng kasalanan na hindi ko ginawa?” she stated.

AJ also said that the criticisms she was receiving were unfair because Kylie reportedly had a partner already.

“May asawa ba? hiwalay LITERAL na hiwalay uulitin ko HIWALAY LITERAL NA HIWALAY.. SOo pag si Aljur nagkaron ng partner kasalanan na? Pag si Kylie nagkaroon ng partner deserve nya maging masaya? E pareho lang naman sila.” she stated.

As of writing, Kylie has yet to give a response to AJ’s statement.

It can be remembered that last January, Kylie already hinted at her relationship with an artist during her travel abroad.


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