Netizen expresses ‘dismay’ after receiving disconnection notice because of her remaining ‘P2.96’ bill

A consumer couldn’t hide her disappointment after receiving a disconnection notice from Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) because of her remaining bill worth P2.96 pesos.

The said consumer from Narra, Palawan aired her complaint on social media showing the notice from Paleco warning her that they would disconnect her electricity if he fail to pay.

According to her, the money she need to spend to travel to the Paleco office was bigger than the amount she need to pay.

“Yong binigyan ka ng notice of disconnection tpos ang balance mo lang ay dos pesos.. sakit sa ulo ng dos pesos na to d nalang pina valentines ni Paleco mahal pa sa pamasahi ang paleco bill.. haist,” the consumer said.

Paleco gave her until February 23 to pay the remaining balance.

The story of the consumer received mixed reactions from the netizens.

Some found the story funny, but others were disappointed and accused the company of being greedy.

However, some even defended Paleco, saying that it’s the consumer’s obligation to pay their bills even if it’s too small.

“Di talaga masaya ang mundo pag walang taong reklamador! Responsable bayaran yan at rules yan nila normal na sumunod ka sa rules nila dahil sila nagbibigay ng ilaw sau.kong ayaw mo na ganyanin ka sana nag solar ka,” netizen Decoy said.

“That’s only a reminder that little things matter. You should take responsibility for your obligation no matter how small or big it is.” netizen Kylie Zoe remarked.

Paleco has yet to release a statement about the complaint of the netizen.

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