Netizen naniniwala na maaring magkaroon ng snap election kung aabot ng milyon-milyon ang dadalo sa Freedom Day.

A netizen believed that a snap election that possibly overthrew the current administration was possible if only the opposition would unite on February 25.

In a tweet, Franklin Isaac revealed a study from a ‘political scientist’ claiming that if millions of people attended the ‘Freedom Day’ that will be held at EDSA Shrine, the government had no choice but to hold a snap election.

“A political scientist predicts that if millions show up in force on Freedom Day, the call for snap election shall happen!” Ysaac said.

“The call for snap election is getting louder and louder as Freedom Day nears!” he added.

Ysaac didn’t mention the name of the said political scientist who tried to predict another people power.

The netizen also believed that the result of the election last 2022 was rigged.

“Freedom Day is only the first of a series of protests until calls for new election minus automated system cancels 2022 election! Eto po Tagalog version na totoong may dayaan nung 2022 eleksyon,” he stated.

Meanwhile, a lawyer who supported the current administration couldn’t stop laughing at Ysaac’s posts.

“ahahahahahaha!!! ahahahaha! oh God. the sheer delusion.. ahahahaha!” Atty. Darwin Canete said.


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