Trustee ng diumano’y mga ginto na iniwan ni Ferdinand Marcos Sr. hinimok si PBBM: “Open the gold deposits”

The lawyer of a man who claimed that he was a trustee of the ‘gold bars’ left by former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. urged President Bongbong Marcos Jr. to open the deposits where the alleged wealth of their family has stored.

In an interview with The Daily Tribune, Atty. Efren Bugaring said that Marcos Jr. should allow them to withdraw the said gold bars which according to them, were stored in different banks in Southeast Asia.

The value of the alleged gold bars was so enormous that the trustee was ready to pay the heir of the Sultanate of Sulu to settle the $14.9-B Sabah award.

It can be recalled that a French Court ordered Malaysia to pay $14.9-B to the family members of the Sultanate of Sulu for allegedly not following the agreement between the Malaysian Government and Sultan Jamal Al Alam in 1876 to lease Sabah in exchange of annual payments.

However, Atty. Bugarin said that this problem may get a quick solution if Marcos Jr. would open the said gold deposit accounts.

“If President Marcos Jr. is intelligent enough he would initiate this effort to open the gold deposits of the trustee,” the lawyer said.

Aside from paying the heir of the Sultanate, the trustee was also willing to use the remaining gold bars to bring prosperity to the country.

“The trustee wants to monetize the gold to help spur economic growth in the country,”

The gold bars allegedly left by Marcos Sr. was considered as one of the most popular urban myths in the country.

According to the story, the Tallano family paid 192,000 tons of gold to Marcos.

One of the known claimants of Marcos gold was KING TIBURCIO VILLAMOR MARCOS TALLANO TAGEAN IV who claimed that he’s the brother of the current president.

However, according to the World Gold Council, there were only 201,296 tons of gold that was mined in history.

Until today, the alleged gold of Marcos was being used to lure people to pay for ‘certificates’ promising that they will receive a part of the former President’s wealth ‘someday’.


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