Mon Tulfo reportedly removed from Philippine Star after writing an article about First Lady Liza Marcos

  • Mon Tulfo, a well-known columnist, has been allegedly removed from the Philippine Star due to his recent article about First Lady Liza Marcos.
  • Rigoberto Tiglao, another columnist, claims that Tulfo was removed from Philstar because of an article accusing the First Lady’s brother of illegal activities.
  • Tulfo has not yet confirmed the news.

It seems that Mon Tulfo’s career as a columnist for Philippine Star was over after being reportedly removed from the said publication due to his recent article about First Lady Liza Marcos.

Another columnist, Rigoberto Tiglao claimed that Philstar already removed Tulfo because of the alleged article of the latter accusing the brother of the first lady, Martin Araneta of being involved in illegal activities.

“First lady Liza Araneta reportedly blew her top because of a post in Tulfo’s Facebook page that alleged that her brother, Martin Araneta, is ‘involved in smuggling in the piers,’, particularly of onions, the price of which has made it the most expensive in the world last month,” Tiglao revealed in his article.

Tiglao said that the CEO of Philstar already told Tulfo that his column will not be published anymore, saying that his claims were already a liability for the publication.

The columnist also asked Tulfo about his thoughts, saying that the latter was not planning to come back after what happened.

“Belmonte claimed that Tulfo was merely on “an extended leave” and that “it is not impossible for him to return.” Tulfo however texted me: “Do you think I’ll still return after being shooed away like a pest?” the columnist wrote.

It can be recalled that Tulfo was critical of the current administration’s officials, especially Vice President Sara Duterte.

Tulfo has yet to confirm the news.


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