Ogie Diaz criticizes a cast of ‘Dirty Linen’ for being lazy to act: “Pag umarte naman bigay todo”

Talent manager Ogie Diaz revealed that he follows ABS-CBN’s drama series, Dirty Linen.

However, in his tweet, Ogie criticized one of the casts of the said series, saying that the said actor/actress was lazy to act, and when the spoken artist tried to act, people would notice it because he/she was making too much effort which making it too obvious.

“Mata-sa-mata acting ang uso sa “Dirty Linen.” Merong isang artista doon, tamad umarte. Pag umarte naman, bigay todo, halata ang effort. Hindi naka-in character.” Ogie said.

Ogie, also known for doing acting workshops for new talents, didn’t name the said artist, but several netizens already tried to guess it.

Some netizens mentioned several names, including Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin.

Coincidentally, Francine was trending on Twitter because of one scene taken during the said drama series together with her co-star Xyriel Manabat.

Some praised Xyriel for her acting despite being inactive for years while some were unimpressed with Francine.

“Queen Xyriel and Janice with the “ da whos na di makasabay” charrot” one netizen said.

Meanwhile, several fans of Francine defended their idol saying that no one could deny her talent.

“This is the perfect emotion of expression indeed! What a great scene for me. You can really read her eyes and the way how she is really confused about what happened,” one fan of Francine said.

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