Wilbert Tolentino slams new Miss Planet Philippines who replaced Herlene Budol: “Bastos yan, walang modo!”

Talent manager and businessman Wilbert Tolentino released a series of criticisms against Miss Planet International 2023 Maria Luisa Varela.

It can be recalled that Varela replaced Herlene Budol as the representative of the Philippines for the Miss Planet International pageant that was held in Cambodia on January 29.

Budol was supposed to represent the Philippines at the said pageant last November 2022 in Uganda, however, the pageant has been postponed and Tolentino called the event a ‘scam’ for the alleged treatment received by the other candidates including his talent.

On January 21, Tolentino who was the National Director of Miss Planet in the Philippines criticized the ‘unauthorized’ move by other officials of the said organization to replace Budol with Varela.

According to him, he decided not to send any candidates for the next Miss Planet pageant in Cambodia because of what happened in Uganda.

However, Wilbert claimed that he was not informed that other officials of Miss Planet decided to send another candidate to Cambodia even without his permission.

“Given the unfortunate circumstances that occurred during the pageant held in Uganda on November 19, 2022, I have decided not to send a representative to the new Ms. Planet to be held in Cambodia this January 29, 2023. I will be constrained to take legal action against any person representing to have authority to send a representative for the Philippines to Ms. Planet without my authority.” Wilbert said.

He’s also planning to file charges against the people who pushed through the event.

“With this in mind, I will be constrained to take all available legal actions to prevent the usurpation of my contractual rights under our Franchise Agreement. May this also serve as a notice to the public that any other person proclaiming to be authorized to appoint a representative for the Philippines in the Ms. Planet pageant is without merit,” he said.

Photo from Wilbert Tolentino/FB

The said candidate then won the Miss Planet International 2023, but it seems that Tolentino was still not happy with the new crown for the country.

Tolentino accused the candidate of having a bad attitude and was desperate to have a crown.

“Agree ako beautiful si Philippines pero Atechona si Inday. Uhaw sa Korona,” the talent manager claimed.

Photo from Wilbert Tolentino/FB



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