Family of OFW Jullebee Ranara not willing to accept any ‘blood money’ offer from former employer

The family of the slain Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Jullebee Ranara already decided not to accept any ‘blood money’ from the camp of the suspect.

During the SMNI program ‘Gikan Sa Masa, Para sa Masa’ on January 30, 2023, former President Rodrigo Duterte has been informed by Ranara family that they were only seeking justice for what happened to Jullebee and not planning to accept any money from her former employer.


“Napakalinaw po ng buong pamilya [Ranara], iisa lang po ang sigaw nila, hustisya lang.. Wala po sa usapan, wala sa kanilang isip na tumanggap ng kahit anong offer o blood money,” Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) chief Arnell Ignacio told the former President.

Paying blood Money or restitution is the final straw for the convicted in Kuwait to escape capital punishment.

The family of the victim may choose to spare the convicted if they’re willing to accept the restitution.

It can be remembered that in 2020, the Philippines also rejected the blood money offered by the camp of employers who ended the life of OFW Jeanelyn Padernal Villavende.


What happened to Villavende pushed the Philippines to ban the employment of OFW in Kuwait which ended after a successful dialog between the Philippines and the said middle eastern country.

Meanwhile, the current administration said that they’re not planning to implement an employment ban in Kuwait because the Kuwaiti government was being cooperative with them.


However, Sen. Raffy Tulfo wanted to push for another deployment ban.

“I want to send a strong message to Kuwaitis because they have repeatedly disrespected our countrymen. Let us not deploy for now until they sit with us and agree on whatever we want for the welfare of our OFWs.” the senator said.

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