Rendon Labador reacts to John Regala’s financial difficulties: “Sarili mo lang ang makakatulong sayo”

Many Filipinos are dreaming of becoming an artist someday because of the high income being received by some celebrities.

Several celebrity vlogs showed how some people working in the showbiz industry were having a comfortable and sometimes luxurious life.

However, not all celebrities maintained their lifestyle after their retirement.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as poor financial management, extravagant spending, or simply not having enough money saved for retirement.

Unlike normal workers, most celebrities don’t receive retirement pay or other benefits because they’re not considered ’employed’.


One notable case of a celebrity who didn’t have a happy retirement was former action star John Regala.

It can be recalled that Regala asked for financial help from his colleagues in showbiz but it was later ignored.

“Mga kapatid ko sa industriya ngaun ko napatunayan na wala kayong pag ibig sa akin,” he stated.

One of the popular figures who made a reaction to Regala’s statement was motivational speaker Rendon Labador.


According to Labador, the current situation of Regala should become a warning to other celebrities to save up for their retirement.

“Sarili mo lang makakatulong sayo. Masakit na aral to sa lahat ng celebrities! Mag isip kayo ng LONG TERM habang kaya ninyo pa. Magising kayo sa katotohanan,” Labador said.

Screencap of Rendon Labador’s comment/FB

After appearing in more than 100 movies and becoming a director once, Regala was supposed to be wealthy after retirement.

However, in 2020 netizens discovered that the former action star was facing financial difficulties and health problems.

The photo of Regala has gone viral on social media and some celebrities extended their help to help the former action star with his medication.

John Regala together with Nadia Montenegro and other celebrities

Celebrities like Nadia Montenegro, Chuckie Dreyfus, and Aster Amoyo personally visited Regala and even made crowdfunding to help their former colleague.


However, the help suddenly stopped when the said celebrities alleged that Regala only wanted to use the money he was receiving for his vices.

Until today, Regala was still facing health problems that required medication.

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