Bea Alonzo on her breakup with Gerald Anderson: “I felt like a garbage. I felt like I was worthless”

After the interview of Bea Alonzo with ‘King of Talk’ Boy Abunda, the past statements of the actress against Gerald Anderson recirculated on social media.

It can be recalled that Bea said that it’s almost impossible for her to be friends again with her ex-boyfriend Gerald, taking a swipe at the actor for his lack of responsibility.

“I can never be friends with somebody I cannot trust and somebody who doesn’t take responsibility for his actions,” she said.

The issue started after Bea and Gerald broke up in 2019 and the actress started to accuse Gerald of ‘ghosting’ her or not even talking to her during the last days of their relationship.

According to her, she felt like a ‘garbage’ because Gerald just left her without even talking to her.

“I felt like garbage. I felt like I was worthless. So I guess iyon yung resentment ko, more than just the ghosting part. It was making me feel na I was worthless. And I believed it.” she stated.

“Without any reason why. I don’t even know what I did. I felt like it was unfair because kung may mali ako, sana naitama ko. Yung parang feeling ko it’s just having no respect for the relationship, for the three-year relationship,” she also said.

Netizens suspected that Julia Barretto was the reason Gerald left Bea but the actor denied it.

However, in 2021 Julia and Gerald confirmed that they were already in a relationship.

Gerald also denied that he ‘ghosted’ Bea and hoping that the actress would forgive him someday.


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