Teacher reminds Former Sen. Franklin Drilon and Karen Davila for allegedly disrespecting the national anthem

A teacher couldn’t stop himself from criticizing the gesture of former Senator Franklin Drilon and veteran journalist Karen Davila who were present during the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City.

The video was taken on January 21 while the national anthem of the Philippines ‘Lupang Hinirang’ was being played.

It can be seen that while the other people were standing up and putting their right palms over their chests and singing the national anthem, Drilon and Davila were spotted talking casually.

Teacher Mel Vincent Trentado who’s also a resident of Iloilo City reminded the two influential people to be a good example to the public.


“As a teacher, tulad po ninyo ma’am Karen Davila na public figure, mayroon po tayong responsibilidad na magturo ng mga basic na dapat nalaman ng kapwa natin Pilipino. Maging role model po sana tayo sa mga manonood natin at all times. Maraming Salamat po. I hope you understand po ma’am.” he also said.

According to the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, people should pay respect to the National Anthem and to the Philippine Flag by standing up and putting their right palms over their chests.

It can be remembered that in 2018, a moviegoer was caught by the authorities for failing to stand up while the Philippine Anthem was being played.

People who will not follow RA 8491 may face a P5,000-P20,000 fine.

As of writing, Davila and Drilon have yet to give a comment about the issue.

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