Deniece Cornejo tells netizens to start planting onions: “Or else you’ll cry at the end of the year.”

Model Deniece Cornejo gave a friendly reminder to the public to start learning how to plant onions because of their high price.

In her social media post, Cornejo shared an article on how to plant onions saying that people should learn how to plant it or else they might ‘cry’ by the end of 2023.

“Filipinos should start planting or else you’ll cry at the end of the year,” Deniece said.

A follower of Deniece agreed with her post.

“I totally agree with you. All must try to grow their own food to face future food shortage,” the netizen said.

It can be recalled that onions almost became a luxury in the Philippines because of their increasing price.

At its peak, it already reached 800 pesos per kilo, more expensive than the cost of meat.

Due to government efforts and the arrival of the harvesting season, the price of onion decreased to 300 pesos.

However, some people in the country still considered onions a luxury.

On January 21, 2021, a couple decided to use onions as their wedding bouquet instead of flowers.

Another couple then made onions as their wedding give away to their guests.

It can be seen that the guests couldn’t stop themselves from grabbing onions as many as they can.

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