Xian Gaza after being informed about the look of Whamos Cruz’s baby Meteor: “Hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus Christ!”

Millions of netizens were celebrating the birth of the baby boy of influencers Whamos Cruz and Antonette Gail.

On January 24, Whamos announced that his partner successfully gave birth to a baby boy they named ‘Meteor’.

They received thousands of congratulatory messages from the netizens.

Photo from Whamos Cruz/FB

After one day, they gladly shared Meteor’s face and most netizens said that the baby had more resemblance to his mother.

However, internet celebrity Christian Albert ‘Xian’ Gaza raised the eyebrows of the netizens after expressing relief that baby meteor didn’t look like his father.

“Hallelujah praise the Lord Jesus Christ!” Xian said after being informed about Meteor’s appearance.

Whamos didn’t show any negative reaction to Xian’s comment and even invited the internet celebrity to Meteor’s Christening.

photo from Christian Albert Gaza/FB

However, some netizens expressed dismay over Xian’s comment.

“Salbahe naman , anak nya yun alangan naman iba mukha .Wag idamay bata sa prejudices grabe.” netizen Margaret Seeckts said.

“Maraming gwapo jan salbahe naman, at saka hindi naman pangit c whamoscruz itong mundo natin mapang husga talaga,” Felicidad Baya remarked.

It can be recalled that Xian also received negative comments from the netizens after making a comment to Whamos after the influencer announced the pregnancy of Antonette Gail.


Whamos responded to Xian’s post saying that he was also wishing the same thing.

“Yon nga din boss eh. Ayaw ko din talaga maging kamukha ko yung baby. Ang sagwa,” Whamos stated.

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