Lady who watched Toni Gonzaga’s concert not aware with any song or movie made by the actress: “Basta manonood lang ako”

Toni Gonzaga’s concert last Friday was considered successful as photos taken during the event showed that the hall was fully packed that night.

However, some critics of Toni couldn’t believe that people paid thousands of pesos to watch the actress sing mostly cover songs.

On Saturday, January 21, some netizens claimed that the tickets for the concert were given away for free.

An interview of a concertgoer also went viral after her interview raised the eyebrows of the netizens who were suspecting that she received the ticket for free.

In the first interview, the woman can be seen being asked where she got her ticket but she only smiled and made some gesture hinting that she didn’t spend anything.

The second interview intrigued the netizens more because she couldn’t answer the basic questions about Toni.

She has been asked about her favorite songs or movies of Toni but she couldn’t mention any of them.

However, the lady claimed that she was a fan of Toni because of her choice of candidate.

“Si Toni ay very supportive kay BBM kaya kaming mga loyalist ay susuportahan siya,” the lady said.

“Ano po ang favorite niyong song niyo ni Toni?” the interviewer asked.

“Hindi ko na matandaan,” she responded.

“Sige ano nalang ang favorite mong movie or show,” he asked again.

“Hindi ko natatandaan ‘yung mga pangalan basta manonood nalang ako,” she stated.

The video received thousands of reactions on social media and some netizens believed that the woman was not alone and many people received free tickets.

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