A 3-year old boy receives praise from the netizens after becoming the youngest organ donor in PH

Human Organ Preservation Effort (HOPE) of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) made a tribute to the 3-year-old boy who’s considered the youngest organ donor in the country.

In a Facebook post, HOPE-NKTI told the netizens about the story of Ezra Jacob Rosario who passed away after an unfortunate incident after the wedding of his parents.

Ezra was rushed to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Metro Manila but despite numerous attempts to revive him, he was pronounced “brain dead.”

According to them, the parents of Ezra decided to donate the organs of their child so some of his parts will continue to live in another person’s body.

Some photos posted by NKTI showed the doctors and the nurses showing respect to the child before the operation which would save the lives of other patients.

“We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family of our young hero and our heartfelt appreciation for their brave decision. Thank you for your generosity to help others despite the painful loss. May God bless your kind hearts all throughout this lifetime,” they said.

The mother of Ezra, Jennae said that their decision would serve as a “legacy” to their child.

“This is the legacy we can give to our child, so he lives on in the lives of others through sacrifice and the gift of generosity.” the mother said.


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