Lolo na mayroong kapansanan, katuwang ang kanyang mga alagang aso sa kanyang trabaho

Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend because of their loyalty and temperament towards their owners.

For thousands of years, dogs and humans are already working together to get a job done and until today, some people are still relying on their pooches when they need help.

A netizen shared on social media a story about an old man identified as Lolo Carlito who was being aided by his dogs in his daily activities.

Photos from: Argem Grace Anne Orcado/FB

In her Facebook post, Argem Grace Anne Orcado shared the photo of the old man who couldn’t work alone anymore because of his disability which made walking and carrying things difficult for him.

Fortunately, his dogs were there to help him to carry the things he needed for his job.

According to Orcado, the old man is known in their place as a repairman of broken umbrellas and other things.

It can be seen in the photos that the old man made a customized cart so his dogs could carry his equipment while looking for the next customers.

The dogs seems happy to serve the old man and never complained when the cart were being attached to them.

The post received thousands of shares and reactions on social media and they were surprised that many netizens were offering their help to Lolo Carlito.

In another post, Orcado updated the netizens about the condition of Lolo Carlito after successfully tracing his current location.

However, they couldn’t hide their sadness after they saw the living condition of the old man in his little house.

“We posted his story in social media and went viral. We looked for him dahil marami ang gustong tumulong. Last Saturday nahanap namin si Lolo. Binigay namin ang mga tulong na aming natanggap at hinatid namin sya sa kanila mula Palo hanggang sa Brgy. Roxas Burauen Leyte.” she said.

“Sa isang barong barong, itinago namin ang aming lungkot at awa. Nakakapanghina na ganun lamang ang kanyang tinitirhan. Kasama ang kanyang mga aso, nag papatuloy parin sya sa kanyang buhay.” they added.

Lolo Carlito also told Orcado about the sad news that one of his dogs already passed away.

“Kahapon, malungkot na ibinalita ni tatay na namatay ang kanyang isang aso. Sa kasalukuyan, may sakit ang isa pang aso.” she announced.

Orcado brought groceries and other supplies that some concerned netizens sent to the old man.

According to Lolo Carlito, he had no choice but to work because he was already alone and no one would provide for his needs.

He also said that his dogs were his only family and his helper to survive.

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