Dabarkads Jimmy Santos tries to be a construction worker for a day

Eat Bulaga host Jimmy Santos tried to become a construction worker for a day as part of his vlog.

In his vlog, the comedian can be seen trying to learn the basic tasks of being a construction worker like mixing cement, carpentering, and bent steel.

Santos also talked to a foreman and asked them about their experiences as home builders.

The comedian learned that even construction workers were affected by the pandemic, but they still made some way to survive like accepting short projects.

Santos gained praise from the netizens for his educational content about the work of simple Filipinos.

“Jimmy Saints talagang malapit sa mga karaniwang tao. Mabuhay ka Idol.” said netizen Estillo Villar Jr.

“Thank you for sharing idol..sipag mo naman.. walang yabang at arte sa katawan.. more power po sa channel ninyo,” commented by Familia Koolits.

Aside from being a construction worker, Santos also tried to become a wet market vendor for a day.

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