President Duterte to the Filipinos: “Wag po sana kayong maniwala sa mga dilawan, opposition, kung ano-ano ang pinagsasabi”

President Rodrigo Duterte urged the Filipinos not to believe what the opposition or the ‘dilawans’ are saying against the government.

During his most recent talk to the nation, Duterte responded to the criticisms that they’re receiving from the opposition amid the pandemic.

“Wag ho sana kayong maniwala diyan sa mga dilawan, opposition na hampas dito, hampas doon,” Duterte said “As long as the virus lives in this planet we are in real danger” 

According to him, believing every word coming from the opposition might only gave them hopelessness.

“We did not join government to lie. Bakit kami magsinungaling? Hindi namin trabaho ‘yan,” he said.

Several critics of President Duterte criticized the latter for the response of the government and its priorities amid the crisis happening in the country.

One of the issues being thrown against the government is the white sand project being done in Manila Bay.

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