Radio host questions why Ninoy Aquino’s case is still unsolve despite two Aquino Presidents: “NO LEGACY, ONLY MYSTERY!”

A radio host wondered why former Senator Benigno
“Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s case was still unsolved despite the power his family got in the past 37 years.

In a Facebook post, Mark Lopez pointed out that Ninoy’s wife, Cory Aquino became the President of the country, while his son, Benigno Aquino III also became the chief executive.

Aside from two Presidents, the Aquino clan also produced lawmakers, LGU officials, and even cabinet members.

Some members of the said clan also became influential in society in different sectors.

However, despite the power gained by the Aquino clan, Lopez questioned why the case of one of their most known family member was still not solved.

Lopez then accused the Aquino clan of hiding the truth to the people.

Here’s what Lopez wrote:

(2020 version)

“The wife became President.”

“The only son became President.”

“Several relatives were either senators, congressmen, cabinet members, governors, mayors.”

“Other relatives were so influential in most sectors of society.”

“Even the youngest daughter became a most sensational celebrity, but not because of talent but only because of her pedigree and the ass-licking of the powers-that-be in the showbiz world.”

“Several oligarchs, politicians, church leaders, academe, civil society beholden to them until now.”

“More than 3 decades of uninterrupted power and influence.”



“Hindi ba malinaw na g*guhan?”

Former President Ferdinand Marcos was being blamed for what happened to Ninoy even until today.

The demise of Ninoy in 1983 influenced the public to launch the People Power Revolution which resulted in the ouster of Marcos.

In 1995, Ninoy’s daughter, Kris Aquino interviewed Ferdinand Marcos’ son, Bongbong.

Kris recognized that the reason why her father was detained was because of the order of the former President.

However, the talk show host also mentioned that the Marcos family also helped them to fly Ninoy to the U.S to have medical treatment.

As a response, Bongbong talked about the friendship between his father and Ninoy.


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