Korina Sanchez reveals her prenup agreement with Mar Roxas: “Hindi ako humihingi ng pera sa asawa ko”

Korina Sanchez revealed that she’s financially independent from her husband, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.

In an Instagram live interview on August 10, Sanchez-Roxas revealed her financial set up with her husband, saying that she never asked for money from him.

Sanchez said that other women should also try to fund their own lifestyles like her.

“Hindi ako humihingi ng pera sa asawa ko,” the Kapamilya broadcaster said.

“You should have your own money. Buy your own poison. Fund your own lifestyle,” she added.

According to her, her financial independence from her husband was part of their prenup agreement.

Sanchez-Roxas also claimed that she dated one of the most popular telenovela actor Fernando Carrillo who became the partner of Thalia in Rosalinda.

“We dated pero walang nangyari. Not even a kiss. Nothing. Natakot ako. Fernando is such a darling but you have to be ready for him. Super gwapo, super sweet, pero I really ran away from him. And he remembers that,” she said.

Sanchez is busy spending time with her husband and twins Pepe and Pilar whom they conceived via surrogate.

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