President Duterte vows to punish corrupt PhilHealth officials: “Yayariin ko kayo!”

President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to punish the officials of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) if they were found pocketing the money of its contributors.

Duterte made the said remarks during the recent meeting of IATF in Davao City.

But he clarified that the innocent people in PhilHealth should not worry and urged them to continue their job.

“Huwag kayong magkakamali, itong PhilHealth. Sabi ko, yayariin ko kayo. Maniwala kayo. Yung mga inosente naman wala kayong dapat i-ano, tahimik lang kayo at continue working,” said Duterte.

“Pero ‘yung mga ito, kung nakalusot kayo sa ibang President o dito sa akin, sadsad talaga kayo, maniwala talaga kayo and with the help of cabinet members ko,” he added.

The President recently ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the alleged corruption happening in PhilHealth by forming a task force.

PhilHealth issue started when former anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith claimed that some officials of the state-owned health insurance agency pocketed 15-B pesos.

Meanwhile, PhilHealth President Ricardo Morales asked for a medical leave amid the plan of the senate to launch an investigation.

“If you look at the history of this corporation, ang bilis magpalit ng CEO, causing delays. I did not want to resign, because we will be implementing Universal Health Care law, and then we were hit by COVID. It is not wise to change the course in the middle of the road,” Morales said in an interview with CNN.

“But nature has intervened. I will take the doctor’s advice. I already relayed to my boss my intentions. It is up for them to decide. It is medical leave,” he added.

Despite his medical leave, Morales insisted his innocence and even ready to show his properties to prove that he’s not pocketing the funds of PhilHealth.

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