Man who becomes viral for his “sleep stream” shares sad story: “Ginawa ko ‘yun because depressed ako”

On Friday, a man who decided to live-stream his sleep has gone viral on social media.

Marnie Saez, who did a “sleep stream” for four hours using Facebook live received 1.7-M views and 78,000 reactions from the netizens who watched him having sweet dreams.

While people found Saez’s idea funny, the vlogger said that there’s a reason why he decided to stream his sleep.

According to him, his live-in partner, together with their child, left him and went to Rizal after an argument.

Saez’s was used to sleep with his family, but after their quarrel, it left him no choice but to rest alone.

“Ginawa ko ‘yun because depressed ako, and wala akong ibang maisip na gagawin kundi ‘yun lamang. Kasi muntik na kaming maghiwalay ng (5 years na) live-in partner ko po,” Saez said.

He said that he’s surprised that his sleep stream gone viral on social media.

Saez was also happy to see that many people have been entertained by his sleep.

“kung napapasaya ko sila, mas masaya ako, ‘di ko po expected na magiging ganito, sobrang na-shock ako, gusto ko rin ma-good vibes lahat ng mga nanood na ‘yun,” he said.

Saez didn’t let the attention he’s getting gone to waste so he started a gaming page named “Marko Gaming” to continue his game and sleep streaming.

This is not the first time that someone streamed themselves while sleeping.

Some streamers in other countries are earning money while sleeping.

One streamer even earned $5,600 (275,000 PHP) in one night for just recording himself while sleeping.


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