Netizen tells critic that he agree that Duterte is the ‘dumbest’ President: “If he is the dumbest president, how come we are winning?”

Amid the issue of ABS-CBN shutdown, one of the popular social media users on Twitter and motivational speaker M.A. Buendía HD called President Rodrigo Duterte the ‘dumbest president’ of the Philippines.

“Duterte is the dumbest president of this country. You may disagree coz you’re dumb too,” Buendía said.

As a response, netizen Tio Moreno wrote a lengthy post, saying that he agrees with Buendía’s judgment to Duterte.

“I agree with you! That means, I ain’t dumb,” Moreno told Buendía.

At first, netizens thought that Moreno was also a critic of President Duterte, but after reading the next line of the latter’s post, they realized that he’s defending the chief executive from the ‘motivational speaker’.

Moreno showcased the achievements of Duterte who’s also lawyer after Buendía belittled the President’s intellect.

Here’s Moreno’s post:

Duterte is the dumbest president who’s able to topple down Oligarchs that have been abusing our Constitution without using Martial Law.

The dumbest president who’s able to provide free tuition fees for State Colleges and Universities.

The dumbest president who’s able to clean up Boracay, Pasig, and Manila Bay after being abandoned by the previous admins.

The dumbest president who’s able to end the life of the two topmost terrorists Hapilon and Maute. And signed Anti Terrorism Law for the security of the country in general.

The dumbest president who’s able to distribute the long-overdue Hacienda Luisita to the farmers.

The dumbest president who’s able to complete a total of 137,098 classrooms, 129 evacuation centers, 23,657 km of roads, 4,959 km of bridges, & 8,941 flood mitigation structures & drainage system projects as of May 2020 and there’s more to come.

The dumbest president who’s able to stop the tanim bala bullsh*t which causes fear and anxiety for our OFWs which is rampant during Pnoy’s time.

The dumbest president who’s able to distribute the agricultural equipment that were purchased by the previous admin but weren’t distributed for some political reasons.

The dumbest president who’s able to expose and jail local executives, judges, and other top officials in government like Sereno and De Lima.

I’d rather call him dumb because I am seeing actions than calling him “disente” and has done nothing.

If he is the dumbest president, how come we are winning?

As a response, Buendía blocked Moreno on Twitter.

In several speeches, President Duterte also made fun of himself by telling the audience that he’s a bad student.

“75 lang [ang grade]. Now if you give me 75 for my performance, fine. Hanggang diyan lang ako, anong magagawa ko?” he said.

However, Duterte said that the bad student is now the President and being served by his cabinet members who graduated as top students.

“Art Tugade, he was valedictorian sa College of Law sa San Beda. Ako, 75 lang. Pero sabi ko, halika, magtrabaho ka sa akin. Magtrabaho ka. Ganun ang buhay, kaya kayo diyan sa ano, dahan-dahan lang. Ang buhay, weather-weather lang. Tama talaga si ano,” Duterte said.

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