Sabihin niyo yan sa harap ko! Sunshine Cruz calls out her daughters schoolmates for making disrespectful comments about her and and her family

Sunshine Cruz discovered that even the schoolmates of her daughters were also making brazen comments about her and to her children, Angelina, Sam, and Chesca Cruz.

On Monday, Cruz made a series of Instagram stories to show how they were being disrespected on social media and she couldn’t believe that even the schoolmates of her daughter are thinking the same.

In the first photo, Cruz who’s using her Instagram page sunshinecruz718 posted a screenshot from a Facebook page rating her and her girls.

Cruz expressed disappointment after seeing the number of reactions gained by the photo.

She also discovered a thread consisting of the schoolmates of Cruz’s daughters.

The schoolmates were identified as Thirdy Fajardo, Keno Damiles, and Joshua De Jesus.

They were studying at a prestigious school in Manila.


Screenshot from sunshinecruz718 Instagram page

“Schoolmates pa ito ng mga anak ko. Hope you will also have to courage to say this in front of our faces at hindi lang sa Facebook..” Cruz wrote.

It’s not yet known the plans of Cruz against the schoolmates of her daughter.

Fajardo, De Jesus, and Damiles has yet to give comment on the post of Cruz.

A few days ago, Cruz already criticized the ‘predators’ who are making inappropriate comments about her and her daughters.

“Sad na ginagawang rason ng mga manyak na ito na naka swimsuit or shorts daw kami,” Cruz said.

“Do not blame women for the choice of clothes they wear. Believe me kahit nakabalot o gown pa kami sa beach may mga bastos pa din. Never blame women rather blame yourself dahil kahit pinagaral kayo ng mga magulang mo, lumaki parin kayong bastos at manyak,” she also said.


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