Former Air Force official to Dingdong Dantes: “Hilaw pagiging reservists mo at mababaw ang foundation mo!”

A retired official of the Philippine Air Force and now a Captain of an airline company lectured Dingdong Dantes on how should he give an opinion on the anti-terror law as a reservist of the Philippine Navy.

Captain Ulysses Ignacio told Dantes that as a reservist, he should support the program of the government and shouldn’t oppose it.

Dantes is a Philippine Navy Reservist with a rank of Lieutenant Commander.

From Ulysses Ignacio Facebook page

Ignacio believes that the opinions of Dantes against Anti-Terror law only showed that his foundation as a reservist of the country is weak.

He also said that Dantes may be violating some protocols of the AFP.

The captain suggested that the actor should just stop commenting on the controversial law.

Ignacio also narrated that they formed the Anti-Terrorism Task Force (ATTF) in 2004 to prevent the evil-doers to sow chaos in the country.

Here’s the whole post of Ignacio to Dantes:

“Dingdong I have a message for you.”

“Way back 2004 ako sampu ng mga opisyal ng AFP under the Office of the President ay binuo ang Office of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force (ATTF). Layunin ang pag ibayuhin ang kampanya ng pamahalan laban sa terorismo.”

“Bilang isang reservist, as you claim to be. Dapat sumuporta ka sa program ng gobyerno hindi kontrahin ito. It only shows na hilaw pagiging reservists mo at mababaw ang foundation mo bilang Navy Reserve. May spokesperson ang AFP at youre violating the protocol by branding your reserve status at the same time being a civilian, an actor at that. You are well covered by a court martial kaya shut the hell up.”

“Keep your opinion to yourself. A soldier only talks when asked.”

Three weeks ago, Dantes made a lengthy Instagram post to express his opposition to anti-terror law.

Dantes suggested that the lawmakers should remove “section 9, Inciting to Commit Terrorism” that punishes “any person who, without taking any direct part in the commission of terrorism, shall incite others to the execution of any of the acts… by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, banners, or other representations tending to the same end.” 

He also said that the government should invite artists like him to participate in creating the rules and regulations of the said law.

“Umaasa kaming mga aktor na maririnig at pakikinggan ang aming boses. I too hope that we can still find a way to create an ideal Anti-Terror Law that respects Filipino’s constitutional rights and limitations within an environment of public trust and confidence,” he said.


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