Food delivery drivers lumusong na sa baha para lamang maihatid ang pagkain sa kanilang customer

Food delivery drivers are considered as modern-day heroes who served the Filipinos in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now, it seems that even the bad weather couldn’t stop them from working and delivering food to their customers.

Netizen Dado Agonias posted a video showing food delivery drivers braved the flood just to reach their customers at La Verna Hills Subdivision in Davao City.

The drivers left their motorcycle to a safe area while delivering the food to their customers.

According to him, food delivery drivers kept working despite the complaints they’re receiving from some of their customers and also the possibility of getting scammed.

“Saludo po ako sa mga tao na napasubo nalumangoy kahit na hanggang dibdib ang baha para lang maihatid ang food, tapos yung ibang costumers nagrereklamo pa matagal Yung delivery at yung iba scam pa hays,” Agonias said.

The netizen also narrated that one of the delivery riders ended up with a broken cellphone because of being exposed to the water while walking in the flood.




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