Filipina in UAE receives help from Emirates LOTO to provide 10,000 more meals for people in need

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who captured the attention of the netizens for giving a free meal every day to the affected expatriates in Dubai, UAE has received help from Emirates Loto.

Emirates Loto invited the OFW Feby Cacher Baguisa-Dela Peña to the live draw to announce that they’re going to provide 10,000 meals to the good samaritan so she could help more people.

“Feby is, in all senses, a role model, and her generous act of kindness is now a source of inspiration for many across the globe,” Paul Sebestyen, Emirates Loto CEO said.

“Her story resonated with all of us here at Emirates Loto and we knew that we had to support her initiative to ensure that it sustains and those in need continue to be nourished every day. The world can use more Feby’s as she truly represents the best of us. We salute Feby for her altruism, sense of community, and changing the lives of those in need,” Sebestyen added. also reported that the live draw was dedicated to the Filipinos celebrating the Independence Day.

She’s cooking 50kg rice, 60kg of chicken, and 25 dozens eggs to cook twice a day.

It could feed hundreds of people every day.

A few days ago, Baguisa-Dela Peña was featured by several international and local news outlets because of sacrificing her own budget to cook food to the people who couldn’t eat because of being jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with South China Morning Post, Baguisa-Dela Peña explained why she’s sacrificing her time, energy, and money to help the people affected by the pandemic.

“Due to the pandemic, those people who are in line, they’re the ones affected by it… They lost their jobs, you know they’re on visit visas, because they cannot find a job right now because of this situation,” she said.

“Life is so hard and they don’t have anyone to depend on. Which government will give them their daily needs? To whom they should ask? If I stop this, many people will stop eating,” she added.

Baguisa-Dela Peña was not alone and was assisted by volunteers and donors to make her daily mission successful.

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