Kim Chiu’s sister shows how the actress cries while performing ‘Bawal Lumabas’ at Wish Bus

The sister of Kim Chiu shared a behind-the-scenes video during the actress’ viral ‘Bawal Lumabas’ performance at Wish Bus.

In an Instagram post, Lakambini Chiu video recorded her sister while singing the controversial song.

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Chiu was being seen in the video stopping in the middle of her performance to wipe her tears.

Lakambini also made a letter to express her admiration for her sister who faced a tremendous amount of bashing on social media.

According to her, the actress tried to show that she could handle the situation but in reality, she’s also just a human that can be affected by the criticisms threw against her.

She also expressed doubts if her sister could even finish her wish bus performance.

“You may look at her as a strong woman, unaffected of everything that is happening right now. But she is also a human being. May pakiramdam. She wants to show you she is happy, strong, positive, which she is, but behind that I know there are things that She doesn’t want to show us.., she is trying to understand everything,” Lakambini said.

“She wants you to see her as a strong, brave woman standing up, taas noo, rising up from all the bullies. Because she knows wala siyang ginawang masama. Singing inside the wish bus is like facing a big fear for her, diko alam kung ready siya, kasi dyan nagsimula ang pinakalat na video to bash her honest mistake. Parang ako natatakot sa kanya, but she said “okay lang. Go lang tayo.”,” she added.

Fortunately, the actress finished her first live performance of ‘Bawal Lumabas’.

“She is so brave! Sang the song inside the wish bus, face the people who will put her down again once the video will be out, and sang the song live for the first time, which took her hours long to record because of the lyrics that hit her when she sings it. When I look at her. Hindi ko alam paano niya nagagawa lahat to. Saan siya nakakuha ng lakas harapin lahat na parang walang nangyari,” she stated.

Lakambini couldn’t stop herself from praising her sister who urged her not to put their attention to the critics several times.

She also congratulated her sister for making ‘Bawal Lumabas’ a big hit and announced that the merch made out of her song was already sold out.


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Chiu’s performance was disliked by more than 400,000 people on Youtube in just 24 hours.

The song was based on her ‘law of classroom’ statement that she uttered months ago to defend her home network ABS-CBN.

She apologized for her statement, but later on, decided to make a song and sell merch out of it.


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