Carlo Aquino reacts on government’s lack of mass testing: “Ayoko magbayad ng tax!”

Carlo Aquino expressed his disappointment with the government’s COVID-19 response in a short message posted in his Instagram story.

@Kapamilyakingdom, an Instagram page made to update the netizens about ABS-CBN celebrities shared the now-expired story of Aquino.

“Ayoko magbayad ng tax… walang mass testing,” Aquino said, reacting to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s statement that the government was not considering conducting mass testing in the country.

Aquino who’s a talent of ABS-CBN joined other artists like Angel Locsin, Angelica Panganiban, and Pokwang to urge the government to conduct mass testing.


Aquino received criticisms from the netizens after he said that he’s not willing to pay taxes anymore.

“Wala lang mass testing, hindi ka na magbabayad ng Tax?!?!  Hindi lang sa DOH napupunta ang ang binabayad mong tax. And mass testing is not the answer or solution to the problem of Covid-19. Disiplina ang kelangan nyo!” netizen @msmarilynlim said.

“Mass testing??? Sa MAYAMANG bansa ngá hindi magawa. Kung mka demand kayo kala mó 100% population nagbabayad ng buwis! Tigilan nyo kahibangan nyo. Ang kailangan natin desiplina!” netizen @joie_20 remarked.

“You should watch the video wherein Harry Roque clarified that and even called out the reporter who misunderstood what he said. There’s no Mass Testing but there’s an Expanded Targeted Testing Program. Wuhan, China is having a Mass Testing because of the 2nd wave but it doesn’t mean they’re doing it to the whole Country. It’s only for Wuhan, they couldn’t afford to do it for the whole China. :)” netizen @godlxxn commented.

It can be remembered that Roque was criticized on social media after saying that the government decided to conduct ‘expanded targeted testing’ instead of mass testing.

Roque argued that conducting mass testing was impossible to conduct to a country with a population of more than 100-M.

“Mayroon po tayong expanded targeted testing. Siyempre sa simula ay mahina po iyan dahil bago pa lang ang sakit na ito. Bago ang mga teknolohiya at laboratories para i-testing sa sakit na ito. Yes, kakaunti tayo nung nagsimula pero we are aiming for 30,000. Maling-mali po ang report mo na walang kahit anong priority na binibigay ang gobyerno sa testing,” sabi ni Roque.

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