Netizen says that Congressman Marcoleta’s speech against ABS-CBN is one of the ‘greatest moments’ in Congress’ history

A netizen praised the congressman who claimed that ABS-CBN did not comply with the terms and conditions of its franchise and even used the ‘Bawal Lumabas’ line of Kim Chiu in his speech.

Jun Abines, in a Facebook post, expressed amazement over the speech of House of the Representatives Deputy Speaker Dante Marcoleta against the Kapamilya network, calling the speech of the lawmaker as “probably the greatest moments that happened inside the halls of Congress in the last 30 years”.

According to him, he already lost interest in watching the ABS-CBN franchise house hearing at first after he saw that the officials of ABS-CBN played a video to point out the contribution of the Kapamilya network to the country.

Abines called the said part as a ‘circus’ but he suddenly became interested again in watching the hearing after Marcoleta started to talk about the alleged violations of ABS-CBN.

“After few minutes, I was again being led by facebook to watch a live broadcast of the hearing. I reluctantly watched again knowing that a circus is still on going. I was wrong! What I saw was probably the greatest moments that happened inside the halls of Congress in the last 30 years. Congressman Marcoleta narrated the sins of ABS-CBN for several minutes. He did it like an eye witness of a crime telling how it all happened. I watched sitting on the edge of my seat!” Abines said.

“I was caught off guard. I never expected some good souls still exists among our congressmen. Deputy speaker Dante Marcoleta spoke with conviction, with clarity and with the heart of a true nationalist. It was like having a dream. It’s like seeing a very bright light shine inside the hall and expose the true faces of every congressmen. The few goods and majority of evils,” he added.

“ABS-CBN was dismantled, destroyed and obliterated in just about 10 minutes! Hard facts and truths delivered right on their faces!” he also said.

Abines’ amazement even reached to the point that he believes that Marcoleta would win a senatorial election.

“Its like seeing Mayor Duterte back in 2013 when he got interviewed by the media after Yolanda. It was the day when Duterte’s star shined for all the world to see,” he said.

On Monday, the lawmakers started to discuss the franchise issue of ABS-CBN.

Marcoleta claimed that ABS-CBN allegedly ignored the rights of their 11,000 employees, claiming that only 2,661 of them are receiving government-mandated benefits.

He also criticized ABS-CBN for its use of ‘multiple channels’ using the same franchise via TV Plus.

The lawmaker also alleged that ABS-CBN didn’t follow the constitutional restrictions on foreign ownership and even pointed out that the Chairman Emeritus of Kapamilya network, Eugenio Lopez III only got his Filipino citizenship in 2002.

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