Construction worker who offers to double Duterte’s bounty to 100-M caught by CIDG

After a teacher was put behind bars for allegedly offering a P50-M in exchange for President Rodrigo Duterte’s life, a construction worker is now facing the same legal trouble because of a Facebook post.

On Tuesday, members of the CIDG Aklan traced the location of Ronald Quiboyen, 40, a construction worker, habal-habal driver and a resident of Sitio Hagdan, Brgy. Yapak, Malay Aklan.

Quiboyen’s Facebook post has gone viral on social media after he boasted that he would double the bounty offered by teacher Ronnel Mas from P50-M to P100-M and even told his location to everyone.

“Yong 50 milyon nyo, doblihin ko gawin kung 100milyon kung sino makap*tay kay Duterte, andito ako ngayon sa Boracay…” Quiboyen said.

A day after his post circulated on social media, CIDG successfully traced Quiboyen and brought to Malay Police Station.

The camp of Quiboyen is not yet releasing a statement if he’s really the one who posted it and not a fake profile.

Photo: Malay, Aklan Police Station

Some local media in Aklan said that the construction worker might face Inciting to Sedition and Anti-Cybercrime charges.

People who committed inciting to sedition might face detention for six years.

The teacher who started the ‘Duterte bounty’ trend, Mas is also currently facing multiple charges despite his pleas to the President to forgive him.

His career is also in danger as he’s also facing charges for violating the code of conduct and ethical standard of public officials.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) already said that ‘apologizing’ is not enough for anyone to escape liability.


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