Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban curse at people who supports ABS-CBN shutdown: “Pagbalik namin magpapasalamat kayo!”

Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban couldn’t stop themselves from cursing the people who supported the shutdown of television network giant ABS-CBN.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Zanjoe Marudo who’s working for ABS-CBN since 2006 cursed at the people who supported ABS-CBN and vowed that the people who mocked them will thank them once they returned to television.

“Sige tumawa kayo, pero t*ng*na nyo, pagbalik namin magpapasalamat kayo!” Marudo who is known as Natoy in ABS-CBN’s “Tubig and Langis” said in his post.

Angelica Panganiban commented to Marudo’s post and made an expletive-laden rant towards the people who were happy about what happened to ABS-CBN.

Panganiban is a former supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and even campaigned for the latter in 2016.

The post of Marudo and Panganiban was deleted after it became viral on social media and received criticisms from the netizens.

“Certainly, ABS CBN will bounce back. But of course, the network, together with its employees, should learn the “lessons” first,” netizen Ser Tristan said.

“The SCRIPTS they are reading do not tell them why their company was ordered to cease and desist. ABS CBN should educate its talents of the legal implications due to the non-renewal of their franchise. Bring your battle in proper court not on trying to manipulate people’s emotions. Enough of the DRAMAS! NO ONE CAN BE ABOVE THE LAW!” Anjh Bruzola commented.

“Tao din yang mga yan. May mga bagay din naman tayo na di na natin kayang pigilin. Sobrabg nainis na siguro talaga sya. Besides grabe mambash yung iba kala mo namang sila di nag mumura,” Angeline Joan remarked.

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