Radio host reveals that an ABS-CBN employee is listing Pro-Duterte Kapamilyas to exclude them from having work

An ABS-CBN employee admitted that he’s trying to list the names of his colleagues in Kapamilya Network who currently supporting President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a post of radio host Mark Lopez, he revealed that Nelson Macababat Jr., a cinematographer for ABS-CBN, was allegedly listing suspected ‘DDS’ and one director, Nuel Naval asked the latter to give him the list of names.

According to Lopez, the actions of Macababat and Naval is a sign that they’re planning to discriminate their colleagues based on their political beliefs.

Here’s the whole post of Lopez:

“According to the post of one Nelson Macababat Jr. of ABS CBN, they are now compiling a list of suspected DDS in their ranks, which they want to exclude and discriminate in giving out assignments or projects.”

“A director, Nuel Naval, wants to have a copy of the list and is encouraging others to identify all those who they intend to DISCRIMINATE.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the corporate culture in ABS CBN.”

“Ganyan po sila.”

“Kawawa daw sila pero sila mismo, ilalaglag ang kapwa nila kasamahan dahil sa pulitika.”

“A screenshot of the post and the conversation is on file.”

One of the accused Macababat allegedly admitted the accusations of Lopez and the comment was recorded by one netizen.

“Hindi suspected, confirmed yan. DDS SUCKS!” Macababat commented.

Lopez then asked Macababat if his comment means that he admitted that they’re discriminating their colleagues in ABS-CBN.

“And you really will discriminate? Ganun?” Lopez asked.

“Why would I twist what you are propagating inside ABS CBN? Kinakalat mo yan, and directors like Nuel Naval wants to have a copy di ba?” he added.

Followers of Lopez criticized ABS-CBN because of the actions of Macababat, however the cinematographer said that they should not involve the Kapamilya network on the discussion.

According to Macababat, ABS-CBN is not involved in the listing of Kapamilya Duterte supporters.

“Walang kinalaman ang ABS-CBN sa post ko,” he told a netizen.

ABS-CBN is not yet releasing a statement on the revelation of Lopez.

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