Korina Sanchez calls netizen ‘bruha’ for criticizing ABS-CBN after its closure

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas couldn’t stop herself from criticizing the public officials who pushed for the closure of ABS-CBN and also the netizens who are cheering for what happened to the Kapamilya network.

On her lengthy Facebook post, Sanchez criticized Solicitor General Jose Calida and revealed that the latter was close to her mother because they’re attending the same bible study session in the past.

Sanchez couldn’t understand why Calida suddenly became aggressive with ABS-CBN and she even asked the Solicitor General if he already changed his religious beliefs.

 “SolGen Joe Calida used to be very close to my Mom Celia Sanchez. They attend the same Bible Study. Sino na kaya ngayon ang Diyos ni Calida? Pilit pinapasarado ang ABSCBN kahit labag sa batas? Kelan at paano kaya pwede ipakulong ang mga totoong abusado?” Sanchez said.


Most of the followers of Sanchez expressed their support to the Kapamilya network, but some netizens chose to defend the decision of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) like @romelaigne.

“Anong abuso?? Wala na kayong franchise! That’s it! Sus!!” the netizen told Sanchez.

The veteran journalist made a short comment to ask the netizen to leave.

“@romelaigne Please leave. Bruha ka.” Sanchez said.


Another netizen, @thetheamae tried to defend the NTC’s decision, telling Sanchez not to underestimate the Philippine law.

She also mentioned the viral interview of GMA-7 with the Federation Of International Cable T.V. Association Of The Philippines (Ficap) explaining the issues being faced by ABS-CBN.

“Thats ok itama nlng ang mga mali.Plain and simple never estemated the Philippine Law. FICTAP interview made it clear na hindi ito tungkol sa ‘freedom of the press’, gaya ng nababasa ko sa mga coworkers mo. rather, ABS-CBN’s franchise controversy is an issue of ‘unfair competition’ which kills small broadcasting and cable operators, and the general public who’s been paying ABS-CBN for their services which violates for their ‘Free-to-air’ license. Ngayon lang sinusubukang itama, at nagkataon lang na mapapaso na ang franchise nila kaya nagkaroon ng ingay.stop blaming the Government!” @thetheamae told Sanchez.

“My family here are TFC subcribers for a decade and now we cant watch na din..be open minded nlng kasi may mga hidded agenda e,” @thetheamae added.

Sanchez also made a short comment to the netizen and suggested to check her grammar, or better use her native language.

“@thetheamae Oh Puhleeeez itama mo muna ingles mo o kaya magtagalog ka nalang kaya?” Sanchez commented.


On May 5, ABS-CBN was told by NTC to close down via a Cease and Desist order.

ABS-CBN quickly complied with NTC order and signed off around 7 PM yesterday.

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