Pahirap lang sa mga professionals! Rep. Paolo Duterte wants to junk Trillanes’ CPD law

Davao City 1st District Representative Paolo ‘Pulong’ Duterte wanted to erase the law crafted by his political nemesis, former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Four years after the enactment of Republic Act No. 10912 or the “Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016,” Duterte, who’s also a Deputy Speaker of the Congress said that it’s already time to junk the said law.

According to Duterte, Trillanes’ CPD law only gave problem to the professionals who were forced to spend money and time just to renew their licenses.

Duterte said that the Congress could help to pass another law that is better than the law crafted by the former Senator.

“While we support lifelong learning among our professionals to further their craft, the requirements set by the CPD law just adds to the burden they have to deal with. After a long day of work, they are forced to spend a bulk of their salary, take absences from work, and go through unreasonable hardships just so they can renew their licenses and continue the practice of their professions,”  the presidential son said.

“This CPD law is uncalled for. To address this, we will file a bill repealing this anti-professional measure introduced by Trillanes. We can actually help our professionals meet global standards through other means, without passing the burden to them,” he added.

Duterte also said that repealing the CPD law is the way of the lawmakers to thank the Filipino professionals for their hardwork.

“Our proposed measure is also to serve as gratitude to our professional frontliners who continuously render their service to our nation, especially in this time of crisis. We have witnessed the selfless acts of our professional frontliners. They do not deserve the CPD law,” Duterte said.

“This is long overdue. We will not just file it for the sake of filing. We will file this bill, seek support from our colleagues in Congress, and make sure that this is enacted as soon as possible,”  he added.

CPD, under the constitution, “refers to the inculcation of advanced knowledge, skills and ethical values in a post-licensure specialization or in an inter- or multidisciplinary field of study, for assimilation into professional practice, self-directed research and/or lifelong learning.”

The said law makes CPD as a mandatory requirement to professionals to renew their licenses.

CPD can be earned by taking additional training, former and non-formal.

Bloggers like RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto expressed their support to the move of Rep. Duterte.

Some followers of Thinking Pinoy also expressed their thoughts on the CPD, saying that it only became a business.

“Imagine, you have a PhD in your profession with 20 yrs of experience and need to attend training for CPD, listening neophytes from your crafts. CPD law is a business,” Ongayo Bao said.

“CPD law is the reason why I did not renew my engg license. It has become a milking cow of the respective organizations. Sobrang taas din ng number of points needed,” Enyllerin Osorio commented.

“CPD Law is as rubbish as the one who made it. We’ve struggled enough to get our license. He could have implemented a free CPD law to every professionals who need to renew a license,” netizen Jun Rah remarked.

Trillanes is not yet releasing a statement on the move of Duterte.

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