P.I niyo! Foreign Affairs Secretary Locsin slams hospitals for allegedly charging their patients for donated PPEs

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro Locsin couldn’t hide his anger after hearing the news that some hospitals are allegedly charging their patients for the use of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs).

On Sunday, Locsin Jr slammed the hospitals for allegedly asking their patients to pay for the PPEs that they received from the donations of the government and private sector.

“I heard that hospitals are charging patients for the PPEs donated to them. P*t*ngina niyo,” Locsin tweeted.

Locsin’s followers shared their thoughts on the news shared by the foreign affairs secretary.

Dr. Teddy Herbosa said that it’s fine if the private hospitals charged their costumers for the PPEs if they bought it using their own money.

“I have been trying to think hard how to prevent this. The private hospitals buy PPEs. If they bought it I have no problem Charging those. But if they get donations from the private sector or the government, how should we monitor that those are not abused and charged? Suggestions?” Herbosa said.

Netizen @TitaMaldita_ also heard the same news from one of her viber groups, saying that some hospitals are selling PPEs for 3,000 pesos per set.

“I read that too in one of my Viber resident groups. Been trying to find it but too many msgs. OP said she was charged 3K/PPE set. Nurse checks in on her 8x/day and changes PPE each time. So 24K/day. Face screaming in fear Disclaimer: just read that, not verified, but pls investigate,” she commented.

Netizen @ianklsdmbldr expressed sadness after reading the post of Locsin, saying that some hospitals may be taking advantage of the situation.

“Some hospitals will really take advantage of the fact Philhealth will pay them mostly in full, some will pad up charges so they can earn more. Greed even during a pandemic and their work is romanticized,” he remarked.

Some of them are also urging the government to investigate the hospitals allegedly selling donated PPEs.

Donation of PPEs poured after medical professionals succumbing from COVID-19 rises in the country.

One company, San Miguel Corporation even donated P500-M worth of PPEs to different hospitals in the country.

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