Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo! Mayor Inday Sara orders not to shoulder hospitalization for ECQ violators

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte wants enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) violators to shoulder their hospital expenses if ever that they contracted COVID-19 because they disobeyed the order of the government.

On April 14, Duterte told the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) that the ECQ violators should not expect any help from the Davao City Government if they got hospitalized.

The Presidential daughter made the said statement following the rising numbers of private vehicles roaming around the city despite the curfew hours imposed.

“Kung natakdan ka og Covid-19 tungod nag-violate ka sa Enhanced Community Quarantine, dili mobayad ang city government sa imong pagpahospital (Kung ikaw ay nahawa ng COVID-19 dahil ikaw ay sumuway sa Enhanced Community Quarantine, hindi sasagutin ng siyudad ang iyong pagpapa-ospital),” Inday Sara Duterte said.

Duterte couldn’t understand why there are many private vehicles roaming around her city while there are only a few establishments open and only few are allowed to go to work.

“Most of the supermarket workers do not use these kinds of vehicles,” she said.

She also said that the ECQ violators are still free to use their Philhealth, however, if their hospitalization bills exceeded to the amount covered by the insurance, they should not expect help from the Davao City Government.

Duterte was confident that if the violators could afford their own hospitalization if they have the money to use their car despite the community quarantine.

“They can afford the gasoline of these vehicles so they should prepare for the payment of their hospital bills once they acquire COVID-19 from violating the protocols of the ECQ,” she added.

According to Philippine Health Insurance Corporation President and CEO Ricardo Morales, they’re going to impose new case rate packages for the COVID-19 patients starting April 15.

Patients will get the following insurance coverage, depending on their condition:

– P43,997.00, for those with mild pneumonia;

– P143,267.00, for those with moderate pneumonia;

– P333,519.00, for those with severe pneumonia;

– P786,384.00, for those with critical pneumonia.

Before, Philhealth is covering the full hospitalization cost of COVID-19 patients.

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