Racal family plans to file charges against the bashers of actress Maris Racal: “Spreading rumors can really put you in trouble!”


The sister of Maris Racal revealed that they’re preparing to file charges against the critics of the actress.

Netizen Dodz Gacuya shared a screenshot from Maris’ sister, Kristine Bernadette Racal thanking their friends for their support to the actress who received criticisms after she posted several tweets against the government.

According to Racal, she’s not going to ignore the criticisms of the netizens against her little sister.

“First of all, thank you to everyone who spared a little time to console us. We’re okay. She’s okay. As an Ate, I can’t let this pass so I’m triggered,” Racal said.

“Positive na sukang suka na sa government. good people are outnumbered,” the actress tweeted.

There are also several tweets about Racal having shame to be a ‘Bisaya’, however, the said post was written by a different Twitter account.

Kristine Racal also said that the other tweets circulating on social media were not written by her sister.

Meanwhile, blogger RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto said that the actress should accept that they cannot convince everybody to their political beliefs.

Nieto also said that most of the netizens are not following celebrities to listen to their idol’s political opinions.

“Sa court ng public opinion, bawal ang pikon,” Nieto said.



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