Members of KADAMAY asks 10,000 pesos of financial aid from the government: Kulang pa pang kape yung 6,000!

Members of urban poor organization Kadamay in Negros Occidental asked the government for additional aid from the social amelioration program.

In a live video posted by GMA reporter Adrian Prietos, it showed the members of Kadamay asking the government for additional aid because the 6,000 pesos per month intended by the government for them may not be sufficient for them.

According to pedicab driver Leonilo, the 6,000 pesos aid was not enough for them and it could only feed them for one week to two weeks.

So he suggested to the government to increase the money intended for them to 10,000 pesos.

He also shared that his family was also complaining already because they’re always eating sardines.

The other older women who also interviewed by Prietos also asked the government to have a generous heart and make the financial aid to 10,000 to 12,000 pesos.

They said that 6,000 pesos might not enough for them because it could only afford to buy fish and rice, but they need to buy other things like coffee.

To save money, they said that they’re just going to eat rice with condiments.

One of the women even said that the aid was not enough because some members of their family are still studying.

However, the reporter reminded the woman that the classes are already suspended for the whole period of the enhanced community quarantine.

The people on the viral video received a tremendous amount of criticisms on social media for being not thankful to the government.

“Please enlighten the minds and hearts of people like them Lord….It’s not solely the government who will feed you. Do your part dear people,” netizen Anna Marie Juanites said.

Some netizens also questioned how the people who got interviewed considered themselves as members of the ‘poorest of the poor’ if 6,000 pesos could only feed them for a week or two.

The government is not yet giving a statement if they’re planning to increase the financial aid.

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