Kiko Pangilinan’s nephew Gab Valenciano warns a public official: “Step down, sir. Or we will do it for you!”

The nephew of Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan warned a certain public official that the people might force themselves from ousting him if ever that he refused to give up his position.

In a tweet, Gabriel Valenciano complained about corruption and idiocy of the said public official.

“There’s corruption, then there’s pure idiocy. It’s one thing to steal our money, another to put your own people at risk. Disappointment isn’t the word. Disgust would be more appropriate. Step down, sir. Or we will do it for you,” Valenciano said.

Valenciano didn’t name the said public official, but the celebrity is already known for being a critic of the government.

He was also known for making a lengthy post against President Rodrigo Duterte’s morality in December 2015.

“In this case, would you, who was born and raised a Filipino with the values and morals set and taught to you by past generations, appoint a president who completely rejects the morals we Filipinos are known for? Family. Faith. Tact… “I’m sorry, but leadership does not justify compromise… This is the sad reality. The Philippines’ greatest weakness isn’t the government anymore, it’s the people who so eagerly, desperately and blindly fall for anything that looks and sounds good… No doubt, Duterte is a leader who leads and leads well. But what about the model and nature in which that leadership is put across? Doesn’t that matter anymore? I respect him for his honesty and eagerness to lead our country back on track, but I cannot support his morality,” Valenciano said.

Valenciano also became controversial in the past because of his failed relationship with Tricia Centenera.


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