Pacquiao makes a striking statement about C̶O̶V̶I̶D̶: “Walang value ‘yung pera ngayon no? Kahit ang dami mong pera, wala kang mabili”

Senator Manny Pacquiao said that worldly riches are valueless now amid the C̶O̶V̶I̶D̶-19 crisis happening in the Philippines and other countries.

In a statement, Pacquiao who’s under home quarantine said that having too much money is useless nowadays because people couldn’t go out to spend their money and wearing luxury things are pointless because no one would see it.

According to him, the enhanced community quarantine is the right time to spend more time with your family.

“Walang value ‘yung pera ngayon no? Kahit ang dami mong pera, wala kang mabili, kasi lahat sarado. Kahit anong ganda ng kotse mo ngayon, wala kang mapuntahan. Kahit LV o Gucci pa suot mo, nasa bahay ka lang din naman,” Pacquiao said.

“In this time of crisis, you’ll appreciate more all your memories and quality time with your families and friends. ‘Yun lang yung meron tayong lahat ngayon,” he added.

He then told the people that after the crisis, they should be more humble and focus on having a relationship with God than seeking more wealth.

“Kaya pagtapos ng lockdown na ito, we should learn to humble ourselves na it is not the material things that we should crave for. It is about our relationship to God and the memories and the legacy that we will leave to our children,” he said.

Pacquiao is one of the most richest Filipinos in the Philippines, but he’s also known for being religious and humble because of experiencing poverty before he became a successful boxer.

A few days ago, Pacquiao was ordered by the officials of Dasmarinas village in Makati to undergo quarantine after having contact with Senator Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III who tested positive in the said virus.


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