PDP-Laban urges members to take test, revealing that Pimentel had a contact with COVID person since March 5

The Partido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) urged its members to take a CoViD-19 test after their President, and Senator Koko Pimentel found positive from the virus.

Surigao del Sur, 2nd District Johnny Pimentel, who’s also the Spokesperson of PDP-Laban, said that the video posted by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison was taken on March 4.

According to Rep Johhny, the video was taken during the last meeting of PDP-Laban at the house of Senator Manny Pacquiao.

He also revealed that Pimentel had contact with a positive person on March 5.

While the meeting and the earliest known contact of Pimentel to a CoViD positive person was one day apart, the PDP-Laban Spokesperson still urged its members to take the test.

“The PDP-Laban meeting was on March 4. If I’m not mistaken, Sen. Koko had contact with a positive COVID person on March 5. But I still urge all those who attended the meeting to be tested, and I hope that everyone will be safe,” Rep. Pimentel said.

In the video posted by Sison, it was shown Pimentel socializing with high-profile guests and talking to the members of PDP-Laban including Pacquiao. He even cheek-kissed one of the guests.

While it’s not yet proven that Pimentel already contacted the virus during that day, some of the netizens who saw the video still expressed concern.

In an interview, Pimentel asked his staff to perform contact tracing as he attended birthday parties, a meeting and also a session.

It’s not yet known if the Senator is referring to the party he attended on March 4.

Meanwhile, netizens said that members of PDP-Laban should not take the CoViD-19 test if they’re not experiencing symptoms.

“Mag.quarantine muna kayo habang wala pa kayong symptoms! Wag nyong sayangin ang test kits porke easy access kayo kasi mga VIP kayo. Follow the protocol. The virus is not compassion, so why did the DOJ used compassion for that reckless senator. Let no one be exempted. The people are following rules, yet you up there are the ones causing chaos ang not following rules. Rotten Philippine politics!!!! When will we learn?” netizen Mik Balais said.

“Again only those who have severe symptoms can be tested, do self-quarantine first…do not allow them to be tested until severe symptoms exhibited by any one of them…try to understand the said protocol given by the DOH,” FA Nestor Janoras commented.


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