Sen. Pimentel’s wife slams Makati Med: “Why they would insist on a story that is not even true”

Senator Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III’s wife, Kathryn Yu-Pimentel denied that her husband also went inside the delivery room of Makati Medical Center that could endanger other pregnant women, nurses, and doctors who are using its facilities.

On a text message, Mrs. Pimentel insisted that her husband never reached the delivery room and remained in the corridors and sitting while waiting for her.

“I feel really sad they are insisting I was in the [delivery room] [and] Sen. Koko never reached inside the [delivery room]. I took the stress test for the baby inside the examination room. I even asked the nurse anong tawag sa room na pinagdalhan sa akin The examination room is beside their recovery room which was still far from the [delivery room]. And Sen. Koko didn’t join me sa (in the) examination room last night, too,” she said in a text message to GMA News.

She also denied that Pimentel was already aware of being COVID-19 positive before they traveled to Makati Med.


“Senator Koko never entered the delivery room of Makati Medical. He went with me sa Makati Med yesterday to be admitted not knowing he was COVID-positive yet,” she said.

“Then RITM called him around 9 p.m. that he was positive. But he was just in the room. As soon as he found out he was positive, he left me already and told my OB about his situation,” she added.

Mrs. Pimentel explained that they both quarantined themselves for 10 days before meeting each other to go to Makati Med.

She then criticized Makati Medical Center for insisting a story that is not yet verified.

“I no longer understand why Makati Med, given their prestige name, would insist on a story that is not even true. They can check the CCTV too,” she said.


Senator Pimentel also denied that he roamed around the hospital despite knowing that he’s COVID-19 positive already, saying that he had no choice but to walk because he needs to get out of the building.

“I left her in the hospital. I never went inside the delivery room. Since I was already inside then I had to leave. Hence, I had to walk out of the hospital. That’s walking out, not touring.” he said.

Pimentel in another interview also asked the public to pray for her wife who’s now under isolation because of being exposed to a COVID-19 positive.

Regardless of what happened, Pimentel was hoping that Makati Med is going to treat his wife professionally.


“I need prayers for her kasi number one: she’s about to give birth. And siyempre being the wife of a COVID-positive, she’s under isolation, so kawawang-kawawa, I mean, imagine, eight plus months pregnant and under isolation pa,” he said.

“I hope that the doctors will be able to solve her situation, give her some comfort and assurances that they will take of her. Ayaw lang natin yung feeling na discriminated against, ako naman ‘yong positive, ‘di naman siya. Pleast take care of her,” he added.

The bay’s delivery was put on hold as the doctors of Mrs. Pimentel insisted that they’re not going to perform the operation unless she tests negative for COVID-19.

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