Kapal ng mukha! Medical doctor caught selling overpriced thermal scanners that he got from donations

A doctor was caught by the members of the National Bureau of Investigation for allegedly selling 150 pieces of overpriced thermal scanners.

The suspect was identified as Dr. Cedric John De Castro, a chapter president of a non-government organization in Manila was caught selling thermal scanners at PHP9,500 each on Tuesday while the original cost of the device should only be PHP800 to PHP1,500.

NBI says he was selling 150 scanners for P1.2-M.

According to some sources, the thermal scanners being sold by De Castro came from the people who donated to him believing that the doctor is going to use the devices to fight the COVID-19 crisis in the country.

De Castro will be brought before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s office for an inquest on Wednesday on charges of profiteering and hoarding.

According to section 6 of “Bayanihan to Heal as One Law,” people who are profiteering amid the COVID-19 crisis could lose their liberty up to two months with up to P1-M in fines.

“While other doctors risk their lives to save others. Dr. Cedric John de Castro is doing the other way. Shame on you sir!” @pinoysaabroad said.

“This is one of the reasons why I don’t not give donations to any organizations. Because of corruption. I would rather give my donations directly to the recipient than channeling it to any organizations,” netizen Ruben Geralla remarked.

“Ikaw sumisira sa Doctors profession on frontline… Kung d ka makasingil sa mga pasyente ng malaki…. Pera pera… May bago ka nang Racket… PRC PLS LOOK INTO THIS AND PROVIDE CASE FOR NON RENEWAL OF LICENSE IF PROVEN GUILTY.. NAMAMATAY NA MGA DOCTOR SA FRONTLINE… ANG IBA HARAO AY PANGANIB… IKAW SA PERA GANID,” netizen Jino Ruiz commented.

The camp of De Castro is not yet releasing a statement as of writing.

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