Trillanes says that President Duterte wants Mayor Vico Sotto to be incompetent like him

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV joined the Vico Sotto craze, but he never forgot to criticize his favorite political enemy, President Rodrigo Duterte.

On a social media post, Trillanes claimed that President Duterte’s warning against Local Government Units (LGUs) on early Friday morning was really meant for Pasig City Mayor Sotto who previously allowed the operation of tricycle in his territory.

Duterte on his statement warned the LGUs to face charges if they try to make the lockdown more difficult.

“I am ordering all LGUs that are doing this to stand down and abide by the directives of the IATF, not mine, but the task force,” President Duterte said.

“The national government needs your help at this time. But I have to tell you, do not make this quarantine more difficult for our people than it already is…There is only one republic here, the Republic of the Philippines, and therefore you should abide by the directives of the national government,” he said.

According to Trillanes, Duterte’s recent statement only showed that he wanted Sotto to become “incompetent” and “uncaring” like him.

“The presscon of duterte last night was basically about preventing Mayor Vico Sotto from doing productive initiatives to serve his constituents. duterte wants the mayors to be as incompetent and uncaring as himself,” Trillanes tweeted.

Vico Sotto has gone viral on the inter and also became the media’s favorite after his activities as Mayor in Pasig City was featured and praised by the people.

However, Sotto seems raised the eyebrows of some government officials after he ordered the tricycles in Pasig to operate.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) refused the request of Sotto, explaining that people cannot practice social distancing inside a small vehicle like a tricycle.

They also fear a possible domino effect if they allow Pasig City tricycles to operate.

“We respect the opinion of mayor Vico Sotto in Pasig ngunit pasensya na po mayor hindi po talaga namin kayo pwedeng pagbigyan,” DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said Thursday in a press briefing.

“Kasi po if we allow mass transportation in Pasig…magrerequest na po ang lahat. Pag ginawa po natin yan, we give an exemption, it will defeat the entire purpose of the quarantine,” he added.


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