President Duterte to ask military to give accommodation and food to stranded people because of enhanced community quarantine

President Duterte announced that he’s going to ask the military to help the stranded people because of the enhanced community quarantine.

During a televised address on March 19, Duterte said that he’s going to talk to the military about the possibilities of giving accommodation and food to the stranded people who cannot go to their homes because of the community quarantine.

“Your air force and your army will help you wherever you are, kung wala ka nang mauwian, kung wala na kayong matulugan, I am asking the military commanders from different camps all over the country that you can go there and ask accommodation at pagkain,” Duterte said.

The President expressed concern to the people stranded because of the enhanced community quarantine.

“Lalo na yung mga batang nagbakasyon na walang mauuwian, walang tatanggap, my heart bleeds for them, hindi mo malaman kung saan ka pupunta, Pilipino ka naman pero wala naman tatangap sayo, to me I can understand the refusal, but more than your feeling ang akin is to somehow protect Filipinos in distress,” the President said.

The Philippine Army already launched Operation Libreng Sakay to transport the people affected by the community quarantine.

He then urged all LGUs to implement the lockdowns in their respective places “to save the people” from COVID-19.

The President also offered prayers to the people who are living in the shanties because they are facing difficulties in practicing social distancing.

“Ang pinaka remedyo dito is just to magkalayo kayo, ngayon kung bahay ninyo sa bukid ay maliliit, eh dikit dikit kayo, sabayan nalang natin ng dasal, tutulungan yung mga tao, wala sa kanilang kakayahan na mag sunod ng social distancing, better just keep your distance from strangers,” he said.

Luzon is under enhanced community quarantine since Tuesday.

Mass transportation was also temporarily suspended which affected thousands of Filipinos.


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