Mayor Vico Sotto asks national government to let tricycles roam around Pasig City: Mas maraming masasawi kapag walang tricycle

Mayor Vico Sotto urged the national government to allow the tricycles in Pasig to operate explaining that people’s lives might be in danger if there’s no public transport roaming around the city.

In an interview with the reporters, Sotto revealed that some tricycle drivers that he allowed to operate today were apprehended by the authorities because of violating the ‘enhanced community quarantine’ which ordered that all public transportations were not allowed.


According to him, people who are seeking medical help have no choice but to stay at home because no public transport could bring them to the hospital.

“Hindi na po para sa tricycle driver, para nalang po sa public health and safety dahil ako po sa risk assessment na ginawa namin kapag hindi po natin pinayagan ang mga tricycle ay mas marami po ang mmatay,” Sotto said.

Sotto argued that people of Pasig might lose their lives not because of COVID-19, but because of the inability to go to the hospital.


The Mayor also denied that he’s defying the order of President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that they’re willing to cooperate with the national government as long as there’s already public transportation available for the public health workers and patients.

He said that while they’re already offering free transport services for health workers and others, their vehicles are not enough to accommodate all of them.

“Kulang po talaga sa ngayon, kaya bakit hindi nalang muna natin payagan [yung mga tricycle],” he said.


Yesterday, Sotto ordered the tricycles to operate around Pasig, citing that people still need public transportation despite the order from the national government disallowing it.

He said that only people exempted from the public quarantine are allowed to use the tricycles.

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